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How to repair corrupt NTFS file system in Windows

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NTFS, New Technology File System, is a file system used in the modern Windows operating systems. It has got improved performance, more reliable, uses disk space in a better manner than the previous file systems. But still this NTFS file system can get corrupt, which can make the system inaccessible and make the data insecure. However, you need not worry because there are numerous methods that can help you in correcting the file system. In the event, it does not happen so then I would suggest you to use a professional recover NTFSsoftware.

While discussing a similar scenario, consider you have a Windows 2000 system that displays either of the following error messages when you start it:

Stop 0x00000024NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM Cause:

Such heart-breaking errors are displayed when there is some corruption issues with the Ntfs.sys file. It may be possible that it is missing, damaged, or corrupt. Other reasons for such problem could be: • Corruption in the NTFS file system
• Hard disk is corrupt
• The SCSI or IDE drivers are damaged
Although this error does not bar you from starting the computer but it can make the system inaccessible in the long run. So, it is a must that you should safeguard your system before some mishap happens.

Resolution: There are following solutions to this problem that could be tried out:
Try to depict the error message: You should try to interpret the error message and its four parameters. After finding the cause of this error, try to eradicate it.
Analyze the Check Event Viewer: By checking the event viewer, you can check the devices whose driver is corrupt or damaged.
Try to disable any scanning applications: You should check and disable any antivirus, disk defragmenter, backup programs, or any other tool that regularly monitors your system. You can also try to run hardware diagnostics provided by the system provider.
Run scandisk: You should run scandisk with the chkdsk /r command to repair any file system related structural damage.
Repair NTFS volume: You should repair the NTFS partition using the following steps: ◦ Start the system using a Windows 2000 Setup CD.
◦ When the 'Welcome to Setup' screen is displayed, press the F10 key to start the Recvovery Console.
◦ Enter the following command to repair the damaged NTFS partition:
chkdsk driveletter: /p ◦ Enter 'Quit' to exit the Recovery Console.
◦ Restart the computer.
However, if the problem is persisting then the use of a third-party NTFS partition recovery software is most recommended. This is because such tools use extremely sophisticated scanning algorithms to extract data safely. Stellar Phoenix NTFS Data Recovery is the most efficient NTFS file recovery software that recovers data from NTFS and NTFS5 file systems. Compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, and 2000, this NTFS partition recovery tool is able to restore more than 185 file types.

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