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Bargains Can Be Found in Kensington

by oscaradian

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Kensington, located within the Royal Borough
of Kensington and Chelsea, can be found in west and central London. A
densely-populated and affluent area, it’s notorious for its wealthy residents,
posh boutiques and a certain way of living that we still marvel at. The fast
cars, the glamorous women and the sparkling jewelry shops are a perfect
reflection of the area. With money all too often never being an issue, many
consider the district of Kensington to be a in a bubble in terms of realistic
spending. Happily dropping £2,000 for lunch for a few friends, for some of us,
this could be as much two months wages. If you are looking for something a bit
special, perhaps the Pizza Express opposite the tube is starting to wear thin,
not to mention the pub owner remembering your order, which means you’re on the
verge of being a regular, it’s time to mix things up a bit. And why not really
mix it up, completely stepping out of your regulated mile radius that
encompasses of a number of watering holes and generic Italian bistros. That’s
why we’re taking you to a few places in Kensington. Don’t worry, it won’t cost
you your deposit; we’ve really done ourselves proud in terms of value for

Voted Best Value Restaurant in the UK in 2009, this particular
eatery has stayed true to its roots and offer incredible food at amazing
prices. You won’t need to flash a platinum AmEx to get in here. With several
popping up all over the country at a rate of knots, it seems the UK dining
scene has fallen in love with Cote, the darling French bistro that just reeks
of Parisian delights. Making sure to not only leave the coats but also the
pretension at the door, the fuss-free dishes mean you don’t have to be a
relative of Marco-Pierre White in order to appreciate the food here. It tastes
good? Bam. You’ve found yourself a goodun. With stylish decor that is
reminiscent of a French parlour, the steak frites is to die for, the duck
confit is spectacular and the tart tatin with cream is one of a kind. Be it
lunching, dinners or maybe even a breakfast, it makes sense to head on over to

If you’re looking for something a bit more oriental, the Papaya
Tree, on the High Street, is a massive hit with the locals. Authentic as they
come, the contemporary interior, with the modern lights and wooden floors
create such a chill-out zone that you might be asked to leave when they’re
closing; you certainly won’t go voluntarily. Putting a whole party at ease with
the simplicity of the place, it’s the perfect arena for a first-date betwixt a
man and his pick of the girls from cheap Kensington escorts. With the
ingredients flown in bi-weekly, it doesn’t get more genuine than this. The duck
stir fry, chicken curry and fried fish ensure there be a selection for


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