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The only way is Essex shows off Essex beauty

by glenbrado

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The Only Way is Essex has taught us all so many things about Essex culture, women and sex. Before this not many of us were all that informed when it came to things being ‘ream’ or vajazzling, but now that it is in the public consciousness it is something that many single men may be in the market for. If you have been thinking that there isn’t anything sexier than an Essex girl, then you are in luck, as Essex Escorts are here to show you how they do it in Essex. Essex girl may possibly have had bad connotations back in the day, but now thanks to the cast of TOWIE and to other gorgeous Essex women, they are fast becoming the type of girls that good hard working men are looking for when they want to blow off some steam on the town, dance like there’s no tomorrow in the night club, and spend the night with getting into all sorts of mischief in the hotel room he has booked before going out. These are girls that are classy, beautiful and know how to have a good time. Essex escorts pride themselves on their appearance and their work. They love nothing more than taking a guy out on the town and showing him how to have a big one that he will remember for years to come. This is a girl who can look good in 5 inch heels and a tight dress, or dressed down in track pants and a tight top. She is always up for anything, so if you think you may want to hit the park for a workout session with your date before heading back to your place for a nice hot shower then she will be totally keen, and more often than not, be able to beat you on that run! The latest Daily Mail poll showed that men like women who are average sized (size 12 – 14) with dark hair and blue eyes, pretty faces and a tan. They pretty much described Lauren Goodyer, a proud Essex girl. If this is your idea of sexy then you can find your own Lauren Goodyer lookalike with an Essex escort. She will tick all the boxes and so much more, and you won’t have to fight all those guys off her like you would with Lauren. London escorts make things easy for you. A date is a date that you can arrange up to 1 hour before meeting her, you don’t have to meet her friends and you don’t have to worry about ex boyfriends. You won’t even have to worry about cameras following you, unless of course you want to be filmed, in which case we are sure this too can be arranged along with your date.

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