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Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer in a Workplace Bullying Case

by guychambliss

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One horrible situation that can be encountered in the workplace is harassment. Whatever the motive or nature of the circumstance, work environment harassment is something you cannot disregard, specifically if you're on the offended side of the fence.

A 2007 data from WBI-Zogby showed 13 percent of United States staff members are being bullied, while 24 percent disclose they were bullied before. On the other hand, some 12 percent report they have actually seen one form of harassment at the office environment. To make things worse, the report reveals that some 49 percent of American employees (or almost half) report having been impacted by office environment bullying. With such stats, it is not far-fetched that a substantial percentage of these numbers come from Utah.

It is clear workplace harassment is not any problem that can be overlooked. Harassment of all kinds appears in the form of actions, words, and behavior which appear to have no reason than to ridicule, harm, or cause psychological distress to the target.

Although sexual harassment is a most sensitive and generally known form of office abuse, harassment can be found in various forms. Occasionally there are third party witnesses of continuing bullying who are influenced by the scenario. These people can also be considered harassed.

Employers have to make no corrective motion against the indicted and can even reprimand the complainant for an untrue complaint. However, if the allegation was true, the sufferer can take legal action. Thus, companies often take no chances. They decide to dismiss the implicated, who has limited rights under federal and state laws to question his termination.

According to a criminal attorney Utah workers who experience office abuse need to notify the harasser to cease his habits. If the harasser does not stop, it is encouraged that the harassed should take more major steps in ending the bullying. At best, the sufferer has to file an official complaint to his or her company. Another pathway for the sufferer would be the EEOC, or the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which explores cases of sexual abuse.

As explained by a criminal defense attorney Utah laborers coping with harassment should also go through counseling, if that is accessible to them. However, straightforward counseling will not solve the emotional influence of such abuse, specifically if the harmful conduct is too grave for the sufferer. In such cases, psychological counseling can go together with legal steps intended at stopping the abuse.

Taking into consideration bullying's lasting adverse results on a sufferer's financial, emotional, and mental aspects, it's crucial that such an horrible behavior be attended to at the quickest possible time. In such instances, a Utah criminal defense attorney will be your ideal legal advocate. Learn more about this topic on

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