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The human brain is the largest sex organ

by Jackdavis

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When it comes to finding things attractive or sexy, the human brain does a lot of the work. It also needs all different kinds of stimulation to get things going. This can come from the sexy pictures of a woman that the man in question finds attractive, it can come from the naked sex movies that you can access on the internet or it can be something as small as getting a whiff of perfume that reminds you of your very first girlfriend. For some people it will be a sound or a smell, for others it’ll be the picture of something that will get them going. What can also send the brain into overdrive is listening to, or ready a sexy story, whether its fiction in a magazine or book, or a lewd tale told by a mate after a big night out on the town. The brain stores all of this information and uses it later to stimulate all sorts of great feelings for the bearer! Thanks to the internet, when you are in need of a little sexy brain food, a quick internet search can bring up all sorts of great possibilities and one of the most popular of all is escort erotic stories. Stories, whether fiction or non-fiction, are great because they allow the brain to imagine not only what is happening and going on, but also what the participants in the escort erotic stories are feeling. This is what really sends the brain into overdrive. The ability to place themselves into the story, to feel what the people are feeling, to experience it all, and that, you will agree is incredibly sexy indeed! When your brain and your libido is crying out for a little fantasy time you really can’t deprive yourself of some of the great escort erotic stories that are available, and thanks to the internet you don’t have to leave your home to enjoy what is on offer and where your brain will take you, heck, you don’t even need to get dressed for this date! If you want a little more then we are sure that after you have finished reading your stories that you can then enjoy the company of a beautiful girl, but until then, why not let your brain do all the hard work? The human brain is capable of so many wonderful things, and because we don’t use it nearly as much as we should it really deserves the workout you want to give it. Remember, that the brain is the largest sex organ in the body, so batten down the hatches, get yourself comfortable, and really give your brain and your libido the treat it so deserves.

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