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Is There Any Truth In Allegedly Growing Anti-Foreigner Sent

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A section of netizens believed that that recent incidents of molestation and abuse of Chinese women by some foreigners has triggered a wave of anger against foreign nationals not only residing in mainland China but also interacting with the Chinese people through various online dating sites. While the aforementioned incidents were extremely unfortunate, it is also true that a greater number of foreign men and women seek Chinese partners mainly because they truly admire the various qualities possessed by them. The crusade against westerners is actually led by those Chinese men and women who have been looking for a chance to vent their long suppressed feelings of jealousy and anger against mixed couples. Not all sections of Chinese society look upon kindly the mixing of races and there are many who believe that no good ever comes out of an inter-racial marriage.

Moreover, one can also not ignore the growing sense of dislike for foreigners among Chinese men. A major reason for that is an increasing number of Chinese women who want to have foreign males as their partners. With the advent of online dating, the doors to numerous opportunities have been opened for these women, who are no longer willing to put up with dominating and disrespectful attitude of Chinese men. Most foreign men they date online not only turn out to be more caring and loving but also tend to treat them with greater respect and equality. In addition, foreigners tend to value and appreciate the respectful and loyal attitude of Chinese females towards their partners much more than Chinese men, which makes them more desirable as life mates to these eastern beauties. Among Chinese

So, although there may be a general wave of mistrust for foreigners among Chinese nationals at the moment, it does not reflect the sentiments of all Chinese people as numerous Chinese women still prefer like to date online and marry westerners.

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