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The android Apps news

by matthewdroid023

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The apps are adding at a tune of the 60,000 per day, quite an amazing fact, more so because they are free for all and you can use the same without any problem attached to it, just down load. In fact the different application, the smart manifestation of the technology and the usage for the fun or love has made it so popular a thing in our contemporary world.

Yes, as per the android apps news, the system is really great and the application is really superb provided the proper apps are being used. Davis himself makes the androids apps and for pure fun only. Now he is contemplating the idea of going for a business venture. Says he m” With the launch and wide scale acceptance of the products like galaxy from Samsung, it appears to be too good a thing to go for a business venture” In fact you cannot have the feature packed galaxy 25 without paying for the apps. And the point is, the brand is successful.



Another success story of Google Corp over Microsoft, the Microsoft yet to deliver apps as it is solely owned by Google and the technology that has been used is of Linux based. That is the reason that google android tablet are used to be less complicated and free as Linux itself is free software. But the days are coming when the price tag is to be attached to the apps business in full fledged manner. The day is not too far indeed.

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