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Product Recall for Protecting Business Credit

by yesmama

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Product quality is a key factor that determines how customers view a business. In a competitive market, maintaining product quality at the optimum level is an unavoidable necessity. Product quality is dependent on the policies and processes adopted by a firm. In this section, we will look at the issues and practices relating to maintaining product quality at a level acceptable to customers.

Manufacturing, distribution and retail management environments are constantly evolving and trying to keep up with the onslaught of new products that customers crave while at the same time keeping in stock and rarely changing the old favorites.

Managers and business owners need to stay in tune with the climate of their company but they also need to check the pulse of the outside world. They need to gain knowledge of what is no longer acceptable for products and then to put practices into place that ensure their company is following the rules set forth by the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission and the Federal Trade Commission.

Some companies eliminate or cut quality assurance programs as the return on investment is intangible in most cases. Reputations are put on the line and companies are willing to let their “vendors” take the rap for product that is substandard. Some companies have quality assurance programs on-site in the factories making the product overseas.

Sometimes the group working for the company in the U.S. A. befriends the foreign vendor and fewer quality issues are found. Sometimes the quality group is paid off by the vendor or given special treatment while in the factory. If you have overseas inspectors find out who is watching over them and keep an eye on their track record.raymond mill:
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A quality assurance department is a must in this day and age. Over time the associates become experts on the quality of the merchandise the company is selling and can confirm that product is meeting specifications for the various laws that are in effect. The purchasing department should be working hand in hand with quality assurance; answering questions and helping them understand the manufacturing process. Software is needed to track and quantify results.

If a warehouse management system exists, chances are there is a built in quality assurance program or the capability to add one in. Some companies have a quality assurance feature yet choose to not use it. Manhattan Associates specializes in this software.

Seventy-eight companies nationwide have received Federal Trade Commission letters warning that they may be breaking the law by selling clothing and other textile products that are labeled and advertised as “bamboo,” but actually are made of manufactured rayon fiber hammer crusher. The letters, which the agency’s staff sent last week, make the retailers aware of the FTC’s concerns about possible mislabeling of rayon products as “bamboo,” so the companies can take corrective steps to avoid Commission action. If a company doesn't have a quality tracking program, one is needed. If a company doesn't have a quality assurance program, one is needed rotary kiln. If a company chooses to forego a quality assurance department, get a good lawyer, one will be needed!

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