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Choosing Between Cast Iron or Acrylic Claw Foot Bath Tubs

by liyo89

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It seems the latest trend in bathroom designs is the antique look, featuring a claw foot bathtub as the centerpiece. It works so well and the fact is, for the most part, that there is no differentiating between a brand new claw foot tub and an actual antique claw foot tub. Tubs and all bathroom fixtures are made out of a wide variety of products now and that includes all styles of antique tubs.

When you are choosing a claw foot tub you will be making the choice between a cast iron and an acrylic claw foot tub. Other more contemporary tub styles can be also made of fiberglass and resin but not the claw foot tub due to design limitations. Acrylic is actually a polymer product that looks just like plastic when it is finished and it does resemble a cast iron tub very closely.

One benefit of acrylic claw foot tubs is that they don't have the porcelain finish that can chip as in an iron tub. While this may not be a problem for some people, for others with a large family it can be. This is because kids have a way of dropping things accidentally, and this is how porcelain can be chipped. The main benefit of acrylic claw foot bath tubs is price though, as they are substantially cheaper than a cast iron claw foot tub.

Acrylic bathroom products tend to come in a wide variety of colors also. This means that if you are going to match all of your bathroom fixtures and you are thinking of a not so standard color you may want to consider acrylic. As for total quality though, cast iron clawfoot bathtubs are a superior product with its porcelain finish and heavy iron “iron” feel and look.

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