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Pearl Jewelry - A Romantic Gift for All Season

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The many varieties that pearls come in allow women of all different personalities to express who they are by sporting their pearls. Pearls are the most unique gemstones because they come in different shapes, sizes, colors, and types. Pearls are also more distinctive than any other gemstone because they are produced from a living organism. Each type of pearls have distinctive qualities that set them apart from one another, and each woman loves different things about pearls. Many women love Freshwater pearls because they are so affordable.

The reason for this is because they are the largest resource of pearls in the world due to the fact that they only take a couple years to produce. Freshwater pearls contain the most varieties of shapes in pearls, and farmers are always experimenting with ways to produce uncommon shapes of them. Some of the most popular shapes, other than round are the coin shape, where the pearl looks like a round flat disk, mabe, where the irritant is actually glued to the shell of the oyster, making it so that farmers must remove the part of the shell that the pearl is stuck on, many people refer to this type as a blister pearl. Mabe pearls make great pendants because they are cut in a way make no two the same. Akoya pearls are distinctive because they come in smaller sizes than other pearls and never really get any larger than 10 mm. These pearls make amazing pearl strands because of their sizes but mostly because of their shape.

Akoya oysters are always nucleated using a perfectly round bead, to ensure that the pearl is always round. Woman love these pearls because they are the perfect size. Tahitian pearls offer a modern look because of the colors they come in. These pearls are not your traditional white or pink, they are various shades from black to silver, to turquoise to peacock. Tahitian pearls come in sizes starting at 6mm and can reach amazing sizes of 20mm and sometimes even larger. These pearls originally gained popularity in the Pacific Islands but their unusual look has appealed to women throughout the world and they are now regarded as the second highest quality of pearls. These pearls make great jewelry because the various color combinations they come in match every skin tone. Tahitian stud earrings and rings offer a contemporary look to pearl jewelry. South Sea pearls are also remarkable pearls and come in distinct colors like Tahitian pearls. South Sea pearls come in three general colors, from white to silver to gold. Each of these shades might be lighter or darker, offering diversity to the pearl lover.

These pearls are considered the highest quality of pearl and are only produced in a few parts of the world. Golden South Sea pearls make remarkable strands, in their large sizes, and look elegant set with diamonds on rings as well as earrings of any design. The shapes of pearls offer diversity to the pearl wearer, and make sure that your pearls get noticed. Teardrop pearls make amazing pendants and dangle earrings, while baroque Tahitian pearls make outrageous strands. Round shapes or near round look best when set as earrings, pendants, rings, and strands. It is easy to see why so many people adore pearls. The variety that pearls have to offer, keeps them in high demand. No matter what your style, there is always a product for you when it comes to pearls. At Aloha Pearls, we offer the widest selection of pearls anywhere in the world.

Our website carries many of our products and our store location on Oahu, Hawaii carries even more. For easy shopping, log on to Our website offers more information about pearls and we can be contacted with questions about pearls in general or any of our products. We love pearls and guarantee that you will too after you see the products we have. We pride ourselves on carrying something for every woman and catering to her desire to look beautiful.

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