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Stock Discussion forums - a Conference Room of Money-Spinner

by anonymous

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" Money is like a sixth sense - and you can't make use of the other five without it."

William Somerset Maugham


The bitter truth of today’s society is that, the thin line that used to exists between need and greed is disappearing with the passage of time. The economic fluctuations are widening the gap of income inequalities. However, still our society offers two choice of making money, either make it in smart way by using brain or make it in hard way by taking strain. The secret cracked by many sudden windfall gainers behind their sport cars, is stocks and the tips they earned from stock Discussion forums. Please allow me to share my personal experience of surfing these stock forums and my journey from a 1987 Sedan to my latest SUV.



When I was learning to walk in these dilemmatic alleys of stock exchange, these stock Discussion forums helped me with my first steps in following ways:


  • It helped me to understand the concept: After being to these stock forums, I actually came out of the bubble that doing stocks is a rocket science. Now, I know, no matters you are finance genius or a geek, you can crack the deals of millions. These forums are a platform of many experts and infants, who share their expertise and queries on these discussion frames.


  • It cleared my doubts about traders and invaders: After visiting these forums, I actually came to know about penny stock traders labelled as, “hype” and others whom experts call “stock promoters”. The hype traders, as clear to name, exaggerate the prices and latter ones, hunters on new stock traders’ hunt. These stock forums helped me to identify who is who and where a wolf in the outfit of a jackal is.


  • Now I can fit hippo in a bathtub: Using these stock forums I learnt how to fit a hippo in a bath tub, in other words how to snap big deals with least knowledge and investment. These stock forums have stock experts and financial experts, who can foresee the financial health of an investment and its future. These trained brains can make a best prediction about prices and can life the veils from any hidden or prospective fiscal loss associated with an investment.


  • A place where disciple meets the guru: These stock Discussion forums are actually a business place for many expert trader and they offer certain free advices with a motive to increase their own following chain by leaving an impression on newborn traders. One can follow them, their trades and trade advises, as I did. A single lucrative advice is competent enough of converting a bankruptcy to boomed bank balance.


Since then, I am a regular visitor of these stock Discussion forums and to the date, I have enriched my knowledge about making smart money. One can find more about these forums via

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