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Tahitian Pearl Earrings are Woman's Best precious gemstone

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Pearl jewelry are the most
precious gemstone one could ever own, and appeal to woman for many
reasons. Pearls are the easiest gem stone to maintain, and will last a
lifetime. When pearls are placed against the skin, the natural oils
from the skin lubricate each pearl, keeping them lustrous. Luster
refers to the way that light reflects off the pearl and generally the
greater the luster, the more valuable the pearl. This is why pearls can
be passed down from one generation to the next. Another reason pearls
are well-loved is because they come in so many different sizes, types,
colors, and shapes.

One of the most beautiful and rare types of pearls is the Tahitian
pearl. This pearl is distinctive for many reasons. First, Tahitian
pearls come in colors that no other pearls do. Though they are
considered “black” pearls, Tahitian pearls come in colors like gray,
silver, turquoise, peacock, and pistachio. These magnificent colors
come from the shell these pearls are grown in, which is known as the
black-lipped oyster. It contains all these colors and has a stunning
lustrous quality that is transferred into each pearl. Originally these
pearls were grown in the Islands of Tahiti and popularity has spread
throughout the Pacific Islands.

Though well-known in the islands, Tahitian pearls have gained a
reputation all over the world and other countries like Japan and China
have begun to grow them. Many famous actors and celebrities have been
pictured wearing these pearls and just looking at them it is easy to
see why so many people love them. One other feature of Tahitian pearls
that makes them so desired, are the sizes they come in. Tahitian pearls
start growing at a size of 6 millimeters and reach sizes of 16-17
millimeters but can reach staggering sizes of 20 millimeters. Tahitian
pearls are a jewelers dream due to the fact that they come in so many
different shades because they look good on almost every type of
precious metal. At Aloha Pearls, we take great care is selecting the
pearls we use for our jewelry. Each of our high quality pearls has a
nearly flawless surface, a bright luster, and is set in a way
guaranteed to make the pearl stand out.

Pearl stud earrings are an accessory that can be worn daily and
would be the perfect gift for the more traditional woman. If you are
someone who loves to have unique pieces of jewelry and are a little
more outrageous in your style, a pair of Tahitian dangle earrings is
the ideal for you. Paired with diamonds, and other types of gems, as
well as pearls, these dangles will be the attention getter with every
outfit. For the largest variety of Tahitian pearl earrings,
shop online at We have the greatest selection of
pearls on the island. Regarded as the second highest quality of pearl
in the world, every woman would die to have her own set of Tahitian
pearl earrings and the high quality, will show her she is appreciated.

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