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Colors In The Web

by kunwarpal

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What could life have been like if there wouldn’t have been any colors in it!Remember the Black and White TV? Whites, Greys and Blacks! It made man realize the importance of colors and that probably made him to work harder to introduce color screens.

The Web is full of colors and shades of Grays, Reds, Greens, Blacks, Blues and hundred others. Using different colors make a Website look beautiful and attractive. No wonder a beautifully colored website may attract more customers or visitors.People all over the world have been appreciating beautiful objects, since ages, and they have been paying for it too. So if your Web artwork is beautiful enough to catch an eye, you got be earning some profit of it.

A beautiful website or may be any artwork must have a theme that relates to the mood, context and the content of the Website. The background can be separated from the main content by applying a totally contrasting color or can be subtly merged with the content giving same looks as the main content. Web parts, basically the content parts should be given similar looks to provide consistency among them,closely following the theme. That needs the theme to be properly planned before getting it on to the floor.

Web Design has also taken a turn to Feng-Shui and the Vastu Shastra. Web sites are being designed according to these principles for attracting wealth and prosperity to one’s business. Bright and holy colors like Reds, Oranges and Yellows are given a preference. Gold and Blues are also used in the Oriental methods of Web Design.

The hex values of colors range from Pure Black to Brightest White. All other colors lie between these ranges of values. There are hundreds of shades of each common color. So if you like your Website to be Blue, it could be in six to seven or even more shades of blue. Add a blue logo or icon or image and a dark blue background to your page, your blue theme website is complete. And not to worry, all modern and updated browsers support all the colors. So you are not going to miss out any such color if you have a good browser. New Web Designs use the RGBA values to provide even better color detail in Web sites. Now, adding just any color or all the colors will not make a site beautiful.

Coloring of a Website is to be pre-planned too. As said earlier, a theme has to be properly planned. Adding too many contrasting colors will make the viewer difficult to view or read your article in your Website. The heading colors should match the text color and the text background should be contrasting to the text color to make easy reading possible.

Ignoring the importance of Grays can be punishing. Best for backgrounds, text-headings, buttons, links and to fill extra white-spaces, Gray works like concrete, fill into everything empty to make it solid. Colors indeed are life, and when used at their best can make our lives even more beautiful. And, Web Design is an art, and which art does not employ the use of colors?For More Detail Visit :

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