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SEO Company Singapore– The quest for ethical SEO never stop

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Many of the over 100 million website owners present the world over have finally come to terms with and appreciated the impact of search engine optimization services. Singapore ecommerce operators are no different and their quest for quality SEO is at an all-time high. As such, every SEO company Singapore is anticipating increased SEO project volumes originating both locally and overseas.

However, in the quest to propel websites to top ranks with the search engines one factor is never very far behind the scenes; here reference is being made to Ethical SEO Practices. Just like the proverbial apple a day which keeps the doctor away, constantly reminding oneself of ethical SEO techniques ensures a website’s lengthy stay atop the search engines devoid of the risks of getting blacklisted.

We must note that ethical SEO is not all about avoiding black hat techniques but also ensuring that SEO specialists do not neglect the basics of optimization. It is therefore good practice for a SEO company Singapore to commence the SEO proceedings by examining the client’s website to affirm that it is both user-friendly and easy to navigate. The SEO expert is also expected to assess the site for a sitemap, and if one does not exist create a good one so as to help search engine spiders to easily index and retrieve the site’s web pages whenever a related keyword search is run.

One cannot overlook the impact of presenting not only the right but also informative contents in the various web pages. This requirement also spills over to the blogs, articles and press releases which are created to help guide potential clients to your website. Every SEO company Singapore should know that the contents on every web page need to have a new perspective and be original. The non-ethical practices in this regard include spamming the contents with keywords, use of filler words, and even worse, presenting copied content. Stuffing keywords into web page contents is seen as a ploy to deceive the search engine spiders. The ploy may generate great immediate results but these are usually short-lived and can actually lead to a website being blacklisted, a disaster to its online presence.

Search engine optimization is never complete without link building and here an adequate measure of ethical practice is also needed. Search engines consider a website having plenty of incoming links as a sign of it having good contents out there and thus such a website is ranked high up the SERPs. Links need to come from credible sources but not from link farms. The search engine companies have consequently reengineered their search algorithms to enable them detect link farms and woe unto websites which are caught up in this mix.

In conclusion, for every SEO company Singapore and the world over, Ethical SEO Practices should be about avoiding putting the clients’ websites at risk by going against the rules laid out by search engine operators.




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