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Indian Astrology

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Astrology word has been derived from two Greek words: - 'Astron' meaning stars or planets & 'Logia' meaning study. Thus Astrology means study of the stars or planets. In Astrology or Jyotish, relative positions of planets at the time of birth of a person are studied in order to ascertain his
personality traits & various events & issues of life like: - education, profession (job/business), marriage, married life, chilbirth, financial condition, property/material assets & health etc. using some Astrlogical
logics because it has been observed & experienced that they are correlated. Also a person's past, present & future are ascertained using the arithmatic of dashas (Mahadashas & Antardashas) given by Sage Parashara.

Have you ever wondered why some couples enjoy affable relationship and why others keep on bickering? Well, the arguments vary, as some say that the compatibility in relationship relies heavily on personalities, others say that the relationships are affected by the situations.


Well, if you take the data of married couples or people in love based on their zodiac signs then you can easily figure out that the astrological analysis of zodiac signs nearly vindicate the compatibility issues. However, the compatibility based on zodiac signs is generic in nature and there might be some deviations from the rule that says certain signs will be compatible with a group of other signs. A more accurate analysis can be found by an experienced and knowledgeable astrologer who can read the horoscopes of the individuals and tell about the relationship compatibility.

In fact, in Indian culture, people often seek the consultation of an astrologer to determine the marriage compatibility. The Vedic horoscope astrology exhaustively deals with the compatibility
issues based on the horoscopes of the prospective bride and groom. The horoscope matching involves 8 parameters with a cumulative score of 36. If the two horoscopes score well over 18 then the marriage is said to be compatible, the higher the score the greater the compatibility and vice-versa. So, if you
are planning to marry then you can consider matching your horoscope with your partner’s so as to enjoy a healthy relationship.


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