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Photo Resolution And Its Impact On Giclee Printing

by Editor123

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Giclee printing is associated with very high quality printing. In
other words, if you are aiming for a very accurate reproduction of a
photo that retains every little nuance and detail, it is better to opt
for giclee printing.
By combining very sophisticated equipment and specially formulated
inks, along with specialized expertise in its field, giclee printing
makes it possible true-to-life reproductions of virtually any kind of
source material.

One of the most exciting applications of giclee printing can be seen
in modern day canvas printing. You can now transform any plain old
photograph into a magnificent work of art by transferring it to the
canvas medium and reproducing it in vivid detail with the help of
giclee technology.

Available as stretched canvas prints or as rolled prints that you
can frame as per your liking; these canvas prints are a great way to
add a dash of excitement to any existing décor. Most printers
specializing in giclee printing on canvas will be happy to send you
your prints as either rolled, stretched or framed. Stretched canvas
prints are a good option if you are not comfortable about stretching
canvases. However, if you would like to receive your prints in a rolled
form and plan to stretch them by yourself, there are plenty of tutorial
videos available on YouTube to help you learn how to create
professional looking stretched canvas prints.

One of the frequent concerns while printing photos on canvas is how
good the quality of the final print would be. It is common knowledge
that a higher resolution source material leads to a sharper and better
print. However, the size of the original image is also important. For
example, you have a 600 dpi image but if its size is 1” x 1” and you
wish to blow it up to an 8” x 8” size, there could be a serious drop in
the quality of the output.

So, insist not just on the highest resolution but also on the
largest size that you can find. Even though it is possible to resize
the image using suitable software, it is always advisable to work as
high a size as you find in the source material. In most cases, adding
pixels to an image using an image-editing software application will
lead to a compromise and does not let you experience the full glory and
marvel of a high quality giclee print.

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