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Motorcyclist Killed in Accident

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Motorcyclists across the country are painfully aware of the statistics regarding motorcycle accidents. It is not surprising that when a motorcycle and a car are involved in an accident, the motorcycle will normally sustain far more physical damage, and the motorcycle rider will usually suffer far more serious injury. Consequently, motorcycle riders attempt to remain ever vigilant about making sure they can be seen by automobile drivers and drive defensively in order to keep themselves safe.


Sadly, however, even when these safety measures are known about or employed, motorcyclists are often the victims of automobile collisions. Such was the case in Raleigh just two days before the New Year when 24-year-old Samuel Johnson died from injuries sustained when the motorcycle he was riding on Glenwood Avenue and a car driven by a 37-year-old woman collided. The woman was charged with unsafe movement and misdemeanor death by motor vehicle following the accident.


Mr. Johnson’s family now faces the New Year without him, all the while dealing with the knowledge that the accident which claimed his life was preventable and was the result of another’s negligence. At the time of the news story, it was unknown whether they would pursue a wrongful death suit against the woman responsible for the accident. Consulting with an accident attorney in Raleigh would determine whether or not the Johnsons would have a viable case.


Unfortunately, this Raleigh accident is not unique. Although not every accident ends in death, negligent drivers cause thousands of dollars in property damages and injuries every year. Innocent victims and their families suffer as the result of another’s careless or reckless behavior. Often, those responsible are not held accountable for their actions or bear only minimal consequences. An accident attorney, however, can make sure that those who suffer do not do so in vain. When victims of an accident, or their families, retain the help of an experienced accident attorney, all parties who are responsible for injuries or for a wrongful death can be brought to task for their involvement. An accident attorney will see to it that compensation is paid to those for whom it is due. Often, an accident attorney can accomplish all of this without having to go to trial.


If you or a loved one has suffered at the hands of someone responsible for an accident, you, too, can benefit from the aid of a qualified accident attorney in Raleigh. Contact an accident attorney today so that you can begin to receive the compensation you deserve. An accident attorney in Raleigh will make sure that your rights are upheld. Imagine the comfort and consolation of knowing that you have an attorney in your corner fighting for you and for your family. An attorney can’t undo the effects of an accident, but an attorney can make sure that justice prevails following one.


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