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Invalid Boot Configuration Causes File Loss XP

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In Microsoft Windows operating system, boot process is handled by various components, such as boot loader and Boot.ini file. The Boot.ini file contains boot configuration settings of Windows operating system. Sometimes, you may not be able to boot your Windows computer if your system use “multi()” syntax in Boot.ini file. The problem also occurs if first sector of boot partition is 4 GB or large. In such situations, you can not access the files stored on your Windows hard drive. This behavior leads to critical file loss situations and requires file recovery.

You may face any of the below error messages when you face this behavior of Microsoft Windows operating system:

“Boot record signature AA55 not found (25EB found) Windows NT could not start because of a computer disk hardware configuration problem. Could not read from the selected boot disk. Check boot path and disk hardware. Please check the Windows NT documentation about hardware disk
configuration and your hardware reference manuals for additional information.”
“Windows NT could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt: Windows NT Root\System32\Ntoskrnl.exe.”

In such circumstances, all your mission-critical files become completely inaccessible. In order to access your valuable files, you must find out the original cause of the issue and then perform Windows file recovery by resolving it.

Grounds of the problem:

You may come across this behavior of Windows operating system due to a miscalculation, which occurs during Windows boot sequence where Microsoft Windows operating system is trying to compute starting location of hard drive partition on which the operating system is installed. Issue may also occur if the file system of your Windows computer is corrupted.


You can sort out this problem and retrieve your lost Windows files, using any of the below solutions:
Install the latest service pack of Windows operating system.

Use “scsi()” syntax in place of “multi()” syntax in the Boot.ini file.
Format your hard drive and restore data from backup.

However, if the backup is not available, you need to use file recovery software to retrieve lost files. The applications are powerful enough to methodically scan entire hard drive and extract all inaccessible files. These file data recovery tools are totally safe and easy to use.

Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery is the most comprehensive utility to retrieve lost files in all file loss situations. The software works well with Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, 2003, XP, and 2000 operating systems. It recovers lost files from NTFS5, NTFS, FAT32, VFAT, FAT16, and FAT12 file system partitions.

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