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Stay in Luxury While Staying Green

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Stay in Luxury While Staying Greena

Atlanta is an extremely popular travel destination due to its location. Put simply, there are many reasons to stay in Atlanta. The most obvious reason is to vacation so you can see local attractions and dine in local restaurants. If this is your reason for travel, it’s also recommended that you consider Atlanta luxury hotels. Atlanta’s top hotels offer more amenities than top hotels in most other cities.

Another reason you might be visiting Atlanta is for business reasons. If this is the case, you want a combination of high quality and a good price. Luckily for you, Atlanta’s hotels are very competitive with each other when it comes to rates.

A third reason you might be visiting the largest city in the south is because it’s being used as a stopover destination. This might be the case regardless of whether you’re flying or driving. In this instance, you also want something affordable without sacrificing quality. If that’s the case, look at Atlanta green hotels. This is a great way to save money while also helping save the environment.

What to Expect At Green Hotels

Ironically, the first thing you will notice about Atlanta green hotels is the exemplary service. The reason for this is actually pretty simple. Green hotels are catching on, but they’re still not as popular as standard hotels. That being the case, they need to exceed expectations in many areas, the first area being service. Other popular features for green hotels include zero waste, green food service, towel and sheet programs as well as bulk soap. Some hotels even choose to use fire pits for lighting in their lobbies opposed to lights.

What You Will Still Get At a Green Hotel

You won’t be sacrificing as much as you think. In many cases, green hotels in Atlanta can also qualify as Atlanta luxury hotels. You should still expect to find free WiFi, an indoor pool, manicured gardens, gourmet breakfast, valet parking, an LCD flat-screen TV in your room and free shuttle service to the airport.

The best part about hotels in Atlanta is that it’s the only major city where you can find 5-star hotels for incredibly affordable prices. Be sure to take advantage of such an opportunity as it will allow you to see a great city without breaking the bank.

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