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The process of benefitting from solar installations

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The process of benefitting from solar installations starts the day one opts for solar financing after the installation is complete. Currently, under the Utility Rebate Program the various renewable technologies eligible in the State of Arizona include solar water heat, solar space heat, solar thermal process heat, photovoltaic cells, solar HVAC and solar pool heating. The current incentives tote up to 80% of the system cost.

The solar energy systems set up by solar installers can reduce up to almost the entire cost of electric energy. Once the installation has been completed one is totally insured against the rising costs in electricity. That’s not all. Solar electric energy resulting from installation created by solar installers is an entirely proven technology and the solar panels are covered with a warranty that stretches for 25 years. Finally, there’s the facility of net metering. This allows the homeowners to connect the solar electricity generated from their homes to the utility grid. In case one cannot consume all the power generated from one’s home the surplus power that is fed to the grid can be used as credit by the homeowner.

Through the Renewable Incentive Program the Arizona Public Service or APS offers all customers that install renewable energy sources such as solar electric energy, through solar installers, the opportunity to sell these credits to APS. The solar technologies that are eligible include the photovoltaic cell output, solar hot water, and solar HVAC and solar day light systems.

Solar installers will provide site surveys and assessments. They will also provide the system design and engineering; arrange the building permits and planning approvals. Solar financing is arranged by them as are the rebate and incentive applications. One of the options of solar financing is that of solar leasing where one can pay monthly amounts towards the lease of the solar panels. Alternately, one can pay in advance for the entire cost and never have to see an electricity bill again! The installers will draw up the utility interconnection agreements and arrange for the supply of the solar equipment. The installation and commissioning as well as subsequent annual maintenance cover are all provided by the solar installers.

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