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Freshwater Pearls Necklaces Most Attractive Pearls

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Freshwater pearls provide the opportunity for everyone to own a magnificent piece of pearl jewelry with out the high price. Freshwater pearl oysters can produce up to twenty-five pearls per oyster, compared to saltwater mollusks that produce only one pearl per oyster and this fact makes them more common, and more affordable than any other type of pearl. Though these pearls are common, this fact does not compromise quality or the sophistication these pearls offer. Because they are so common freshwater pearls tend to be more affordable than other types of pearl. Fresh water pearls are usually formed by using a piece of meat from the oyster as the irritant, which creates the pearl.

The nacre then grows over the meat, creating a gorgeous treasure. The thickness of the nacre in freshwater pearls is very strong. Freshwater pearls come naturally in pale pink, lavender, and white, by can be enhanced to any shade desired. Women are able to choose a shade that will match their skin tone and truly stand out on their neckline. Freshwater pearl necklaces are made up of the most beautiful pearls, which represent a true iconic beauty. At, find every variety, shape, color and size of freshwater pearl necklace. Our pearl jewelry are strung on silk thread and knotted between each individual pearl for a higher quality necklace.

We offer classic strands, or more modern styles of necklaces, set on silver, gold, and paired with other gemstones that bring out the pearls. These pearls are also paired with precious metals that bring out the pearls natural beauty. Freshwater pearl necklaces are the most beautiful option for anyone because they are so versatile and last a lifetime, with little maintenance. At Aloha Pearls, we have the most beautiful freshwater pearl necklaces on the island and pride ourselves on having high quality, genuine pearls.

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