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Enjoy the elephant safari in India

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One of the most enjoyable and thrilling experiences is that of going on an India elephant safari in Corbett National Park in India. This park was initially named after Sir Malcolm Hailey, the then governor of the United Provinces (now called Uttar Pradesh) and called Hailey National Park when it was first established on 08 August 1936. Later on, the park was finally named after Jim Corbett; the hunter turned naturalist and environmentalist as well as nature photographer of great repute. Corbett National Park was the venue for the launch of Project Tiger on 01 April 1973 and it is here that the Indian elephant safari was popularized.

The Corbett Park is located in the foothills of the majestic Himalayas. There are forested mountains all around. These range from the lesser 400m to a height of 1.2km. The rugged nature of the topography of this park and the fact that the park covers an area of 521sqkm makes it amenable for the Indian elephant safari.

The main reason for tourists from all over the world to flock to the Corbett Park is to see its diverse flora and fauna. One of the easiest and safest ways for the tourists to see a good portion of the park is to go on the India elephant safari. This way the tourist has a reasonably assured chance of seeing mammals in the wild such as tigers and leopards as well as elephants, bear and boar besides hundreds of beautiful species of birds and rare reptiles.

There are several ways one can see a good portion of the safari. These options are the jeep safari, the Indian elephant safari and the horse safari. All the forms have their own advantages. However, the India elephant safari is preferred by many tourists because one does not have to be a trained horse-rider in order to enjoy the horse safari and one can avoid the smell and din of the jeep as in a jeep safari. The India elephant safari is most enjoyable because of the fact that one is in communion with nature. There is no sound other than the near-silent scuffle of the pachyderm’s feet or the creaking noise from the howdah. Finally, one has to experience the sensuous gait of the majestic beast to truly appreciate the memorable trip.

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