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Branding Techniques

by kunwarpal

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Every business has a trading name but it is not that every business has Brand Name. Brand name is a broad phenomenon and usually referred to by marketing people. A brand name is good for your business and it helps the business in many ways.  Branding is all about making an identity of the company or enterprise. People recognize a well known brand easily. People remember the brand name whether they buy products from the same brand or not.  A brand name is all that a company has to promote the products and services.  

Just brand name is not enough and there are other things that should be added to the branding strategy. Branding is incomplete without the products and services the brand name is associated with. It’s not the brand name that people remember but actually they remember the products and services by remembering that brand name.  

When we think of Adidas, the first thing that clicks our mind is a sport shoe. Adidas is famous for making quality sports shoes and the same is associated with its brand name. People remember shoes with the name Adidas.  There should be some connection between brand name and products. A brand name must be catchy, attractive and impactful but should also relate to the products. There must be a USP in your brand name. You should carry that USP in all your product ranges.  

A company slogan is something as important as the brand name. You should follow a theme and then formulate a slogan. Normally a company slogan is something related to the mission, and vision of the company. The success mantra is the same as it is for brand name; the slogan should be short, simple and attractive. An original slogan can prove to be a good branding tool.  

Now you have brand name and company slogan so what else do you want? Now you need a logo for your company. A logo symbolizes your company, your brand name and company slogan. A logo should be so flexible that it needs not to change with changes in company policies or products. 

You can make a logo that is more close to the company’s name rather making it closer to the product name. So, if in future you plan to change the product line then you need not to change your logo. It takes a lot of effort and time to establish a brand logo.   

All these are basically branding techniques which help you to market your products easily and also help people to remember the company, brand and products. It’s a part of marketing.For More Detail Visit :


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