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5 Good Reasons Why We Watch Movies!

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Watching movies to do away with the boredom of daily life has become a clichéd excuse that most of us tentatively give when we are asked about our favorite hobby. There are several logical reasons behind our love for movies, which might not differ much as far as someone’s taste and preferences are concerned. Below mentioned are five simple factors that compel us to fall for films:
Escape from the real world:

The theory of escapism might sound a little out of context these days, but it can’t be denied that while we watch movies, a whole new fictional realm unfolds before us. And we don’t feel like coming back from a place, where everything could be possible without any restriction, or hard core bindings.

Inquisitiveness to know the ‘new’:

Whether you are hooked to a Hollywood classic online, or enjoying a blockbuster movie in a multiplex, an inexplicable curiosity builds up to expose yourself to something that you were not aware of up until now. It may be anything ranging from Tom Cruise’s new and flamboyant hair-do to Aftro-American accent mingled with a tinge of Japanese from a new ‘kid’ on the block!

Drawing out a comparison

Curiosity is something that has been building human knowledge for quite a long time. Nobody could actually explain why we feel the urge to do the new. As mentioned earlier, it’s that feeling inside us that pushes us to hook to movies. They become the harbingers of the latest fashion and style trends, and we start to compare them with what we are practicing, or how we look. Undoubtedly, our perspective towards the most modern things or forms propels us to try them once on us.

Imagining our life in the fictional world

Real life is always stranger than the fictional one. And whenever we watch movies online, we often put our feet into the shoes of the protagonist and imagine ourselves dealing with all the hardships of our life as valiantly as the on-screen character. Surely, when we watch films belonging to different genres, we endeavor to relate their incidents to ourselves.

Senses get heightened

It will be like making a repeat-statement to mention that when we access online movies, we derive overwhelming inspiration that might not be ignited by any other means. Fancy this: a protagonist leads his life by working in an ‘overloaded with cash’ bank and he has all the access to breach the security code of the main locker room and transfer the massive funds to his account. But he doesn’t have that immoral frame of mind to lead a luxurious life by breaking the laws. Even, when his entire family is at stake when a notorious mafia syndicate compels him to bring out money, he sticks to his principle of leading a righteous life and ultimately emerges victorious. Such kind of message disseminated through a film injects a sense of optimism in us, instigating us to use the right ways to deal with our hardships, no matter what happens.

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are several others that justify the passionate love for films. And due to them, the option to watch movies online has also gained so much popularity, over the years.