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Understanding the True Essence of Vintage Posters

by Editor123

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In the realm of posters, vintage is a category that is much revered and loved in spite of the age of the posters that belong to this group. Posters vintage quality, or simply vintage posters, as they are commonly called, originated mostly in Europe in the latter part of the nineteenth century. They were produced in large quantities during the war years and even into the late years of the twentieth century.

Vintage posters, however, are not truly limited to this period. One must remember that posters were being used for various kinds of advertising and commercial purposes for a very long time. However, the early ones in this regard were mostly in black and white, or are just too hard to procure in the modern day. So when somebody mentions a vintage poster now, it can be safely assumed that he or she is talking about those posters that were made during any time between the 1880’s till the closing years of the twentieth century.

The term ‘vintage poster’ itself is a bit tricky. One must also realize that a product of today will eventually turn vintage with age. So, in a way, the production of vintage posters doesn’t stop. As newer posters keep getting commissioned by companies around the world, replacing old ones, the cycle of vintage posters too continues. You can be sure that the poster for the latest summer blockbuster will be sold as a vintage poster fifty years from now.

What makes these antique posters of such value is not just their age and rarity. They also reflect a kind of artwork that is rather unique. The stone lithographic printing method that produced them used to lend a very distinctive appearance to these posters. The colors, the typography, the lines and even the copy of some of the posters used strictly for advertising or commercial purposes – all have an unmistakable vintage quality. The essence of the age that they were produced in is clearly evident in every poster.

So if you are thinking of adding an interesting retro touch to your modern home, or are simply wishing to make a very unique style statement, try putting up a few vintage posters on your walls. The impact will be truly remarkable.

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