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An understanding of the concept of a Teambuilding

by anonymous

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Teambuilding is the term used (or abused) to either organize something entertaining for the company staff or as an effort to seriously try and solve some company problems or highlight issues that are rearing its head in the work place and as a last resort of frustration and hoping that help is available. It is also used as a tool to help impart changes, knowledge or strategies that the company would like people to buy into or in some cases it is used as filler to a busy conference or event as people want some type of entertainment. 

The difference between "Teambuilding" or "Training" or "Skills development" or "Workshops" or "Entertainment" or "Party" is often confused and seen as the same thing depending on who you are talking to and what their previous experiences have been. You therefore get various degrees of seriousness about the upcoming event or perceived success or lack thereof. Ultimately it is very much - most of all of the above - and the provider must tailor it to suit the needs or outcomes of the client by providing a suitable match.

Teambuilding is activity based and can be indoors or outdoors and can include various activities, role-play, simulations or workshops that can either be of a physical or non physical nature, work related or not – catering for all needs, sizes, ages, designations, disabilities, conditions, etc. The facilitators intervention and activities are designed to subconsciously provoke thought and problem solving through the use of what resources or manpower is available.  This in turn guides the participants to buy into a specific solution or culture and then allows them to relate these same principals into their lives or back at the workplace. The outcome is basically guided to a specific goal but with the participant finding that goal or answer by themselves – which instills buy in and lasting effect. 

Ideally Teambuilding needs to be re-inforced on a regular basis and closely monitored – but companies don’t always see the benefit right away and then lose interest due to lack of budget, time or believe in the success over the long term. It is sort of like exercise or a new diet – refreshing and new at first, but hard to keep up, even when the benefits are amazing and the facts are clear. 

Team building can take many forms and the success is based on the programme design or choice of intervention together with an experienced facilitator who understands and reads into the dynamics of the team in front of him or her on that specific day.

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