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G therapy to help autistic kids to start a normal life

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The human system consists of millions of individual cells, linked by 23 pairs of chromosomes making up our genes that regulate how we look, how we behave and how we think. Thus, cells for the complete biological structure of our body. Since, these tiny segments are responsible for every instruction that our system follow, any glitch or damage brings about serious consequences to our overall body and health. Autism is one of the most severe effects of gene damage and is characterized by communication challenges, difficulty in social interactions, and an innate tendency to engage in repetitive behavior. However the symptoms of autism vary with respect to the severity of the disorders and are classified across three core areas. Taken together these may bring about mild challenges for an individual facing the disorder or high functional disability rated high in the autism spectrum.

While autism seems to be a lifelong challenge, both adults and children can benefit heavily through proved interventions and therapies like the one provided by G Therapy. Using these therapeutic techniques, the troubling symptoms could be gradually reduces and the individual can increase upon his abilities and skills. Although it is best if the therapy is commenced earlier in life, the benefits could continue throughout irrespective of when they have been started.

To understand better, it is important to know the various symptoms of autism. While these may vary widely with some children facing only mild impairments while others in severe obstacles, the average autism spectrum revolves around:

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication
  • Behaving and thinking flexibly
  • Relating to others and the environment around

There are differences in the opinions of doctors, therapists, experts and parents about the best ways to treat an autistic child, but everyone agrees to the fact that the condition is in fact controllable and the earlier you start the better it is. Taking up the cue from the earliest symptoms of autism can make a huge difference in the life of the patient and the ones around him/her.

A severe condition of autism is referred to as Down syndrome where an individual is born with an added copy of chromosome 21. While the severity of the disorder again varies, all suffer from intellectual disabilities and physical problems. People may have dementia, heart diseases, skeletal problems, thyroid, and problem in the eyes, intestines etc. While the Down syndrome doesn’t yet have a complete cure, G Therapy has proved to highly minimize the condition. Again, the earlier it is done the better chance does the patient have.

Patients have shown good results with just two months of G therapy procedures and one can expect dramatic positive changes in cognition and behavioral process. Even if it doesn’t lend an IQ of 120, the therapy does impart an appreciable level of smartness. Being a complete biochemic and homeopathic cure, G therapy has proved its worth in giving back a ‘close to normal’ lifestyle to the otherwise ‘retarded’ individuals.

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