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Solar Energy Company in India-Changing India’s Future

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According to the present consumption and production rate, oil reserves will last for another 10 to 20 years. Keeping in view the high demand, there is an emergent need of developing non-conventional power sources like geothermal or solar energy and also various alternative fuel sources as well. Some of the prominent alternative fuels are bio-alcohol (ethanol, butanol and methanol), bio-diesel, hydrogen, fuel cells and battery (electricity which is chemically stored), vegetable oil, natural gas-non-fossil and also biomass sources. Irrespective of the fact, these are renewable sources, but production and consumption of different organic substances acts as a main source towards environmental pollution.

The biggest ever source of non-conventional powers is sun and that can be easily harvested as biomass via usage of different waste materials. Moreover, this can also be done through growing petro-crops. Researchers also suggest that usage of micro-organisms and this would help in the conversion of sun’s power in chemical energy. These will be converted in different molecules form such as glycerol (H2o, CO2 and salt) and also Hydrogen (in H2O form).

The sunlight that falls on surface of earth is equivalent to 40,000 times of wattage that is being used by people. This solar energy is massively responsible for heat, chemical, tidal, electrical and kinetic energy. Moreover, this sun power can be easily harnessed; similar is the scenario with solar cells and solar heaters as that are harnessed directly from sun. However, only few parts of the same will be reaching the earth’s atmosphere outer layer.

More than 50 percent of it will be absorbed and that will effectively pass through atmosphere and remaining will be easily reaching to the surface of earth. There are innumerable Solar Energy Company in India that have generated power via usage of coal are planning to shift their gear to a great extent. One of the biggest examples in this is- NTPC.

No doubt the people have started showing great interest in renewable energy and the results could be seen in the form of different Missions and frameworks that have been set up for the mass community.

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