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Microfiber Mop Are Better For Floor Cleaning

by swethar

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Are you sick of using dangerous, toxic chemical cleaning solutions for your floor? All you need is microfiber mopand water. Gone are the days of using that traditional mop floor cleaner, today many janitorial cleaning services are now providing contemporary floor cleaning services.

Microfiber mopping is thenew cleaning technology that is becoming popular, because the owners are now able to make out the stark difference of simple cleaning and microfiber mopcleaning. This cleaning technology is available in different forms like cloths, towels, mops and rags. These are widely used all over in hospitals, homes, schools, and in commercial building. Because of the positive results, this latest technology has been utilized by the hundreds of people since it is cost effective and environmental friendly.

Now to mop the floor there is a better way –microfiber mop. Understanding the difference between two will help the buyer to determine which will be the best one for their floor cleaning needs.

Usual Mopping

The standard practice to clean the floor has been religiously followed since many years. It includes mops, wringer, bucket, and usual janitorial cart that carry all the equipment and cleaning supplies. The standard practices to mop the flooring is to use a dry mop to wipe the dirt and dust off the floor and then use a wet mop, adding a cleaning solution to the water to wipe the floor.  This is super arduous, time consuming and leave you tired at the end of the day.

Microfiber Mopping

Microfiber mop cleaning includes all the standard cleaning equipment except the wringer. Certainly, this eliminates the tiring chore of wringing out the dirty water. Dry microfiber pads can be simply placed in the laundry when they required to be cleaned. These pads are said to be absorbing about seven times of water then their weight hence cleaning the floor becomes easy and done in few minutes.

The use of microfiber mops makes the cleaning chore easy and quick. Since, there is no requirement to dip the mop head in the cleaning solution; there is no need to carry around the bucket where ever you want to clean your floor. Apart from this, there are range of benefit of using microfiber mopslike they are great in killing and removing the germs present on the floors. Because there is less usage of water, there are fewer chances that your hardwood floors to warp; also there is no need to worry about growing a mold or occurrence of bacteria or some kind of fungal germs on the floors.

Microfiber mops are durable and cost effective; you don’t have to spend arms and legs. They are widely available at any super market or you can place a bulk order online to get more discounts on it. Your flooring remains safe from the harsh chemical cleaning solutions because of microfiber mopping. The chemicals and other toxic substances are eliminated, hence there is no health concern associated with it.

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