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If anyone have met an accident or suffered personal injury hire the Richmond injury attorney. The discovery process favors the personal injury attorney. The prosecutor must lay out the evidence to the personal injury attorney so that an adequate defense can be constructed. This is an opportunity for the personal injury attorney to see how strong the prosecutor's case is. If the personal injury attorney senses weakness in the case, this can be pointed out during the discovery phase, and it will be suggested that the prosecutor drops the case because the evidence seems weak. On the other hand, the personal injury attorney may realize that not only is the defendantguilty but also that the prosecutor has such a solid case that there is little hope of winning the case at trial and that the prosecutor is unlikely to be amenable to a plea negotiation that is favorable to the defendant. Consequently, the discovery phase helps crystallize what is going to happen in the case.


The personal injury attorney has obligations during discovery that are similar to but not as extensive as those of the prosecution. For instance, if the defense plans to present an alibi or invoke an insanity defense, this is something that should be told to the prosecution during discover)'. Names and contact information of potential witnesses who will testify on the defendant's behalf should also be exchanged. If the defense plans to call expert witnesses to refute the prosecution's expert witnesses, this information must be given to the prosecution. In such cases, the prosecutor and the defense should provide the curriculum vitae of their expert witnesses so that the other side can evaluate the witnesses' credentials. In short, the objective of discover)' is to ensure that neither the prosecution nor the personal injury attorney is "ambushed" at trial with evidence or arguments that they have not had the opportunity to prepare for.

Many cases are resolved after the discovery portion of the court process. By "laying the cards on the table," both the prosecution and the defense can develop a realistic notion of the relative strengths of their cases. The Richmond injury attorney is obliged to closely examine the prosecutor's case and develop an argument that challenges the facts of the case, the use of the legal statute in terms of what pain the client is undergoing with, and the quality of the prosecutor's evidence.

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