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Spot the early signs of pregnancy after your embryo transfer

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Once you are done with the in vitro fertilization, you stay on your toes every now and then. Your anticipations start building up and you are eager to hear the news ring in your ears. You start noticing even the minutest of changes your body starts undergoing, taking notice of every symptom of pregnancy and all this while wondering whether the embryo was successful enough to plant itself in the uterus. You undergo a lot of mood swings like stress, anxiety and other common illnesses that mimic the symptoms of pregnancy.

Spotting the blood!
The first sign of pregnancy after the embryo transfer procedure is slight bleeding or spotting. The blood you spot will be dark brown or may be black in color. It this is spotted then it is a good sign, as it means the embryo has implanted itself in the uterus. Do not mistake the bleeding with the bleeding you experience during your menstruation period.

A lot of women relate it to the cramps experienced during the periods. You will feel the pain in the lower half of the abdomen and will only last for a day or two.

Tender Breasts
You will notice after two weeks of the embryo transfer procedure that your breasts have become tender. This happens as the milk ducts prepare themselves to be manufactured and breastfeed.

Body Temperature
As you begin with the ovulating process, your body temperature will increase and will stay higher till the period starts. When your body temperature remains high for more than two weeks then you are pregnant! By the fifth week, the embryo is formed and as the pregnancy advances the embryo will become a full formed baby, i.e. all set for a healthy delivery.

At the start of the embryonic stage, your baby will measure between 1.5 to 3 mm, and 1/16 to 1/8 inch long. You can relate this size to that of a pen. After 10 weeks, the embryonic stage will be completed and your baby will measure 1 inch in length. At this stage your baby is still very small for you to feel the movements.

Development of your baby
Nervous system is the first thing that develops in a baby. It includes the brain, spinal cord and the nerves. An S shaped tube begins to form which later takes the form of the heart. In the sixth week of the pregnancy other organs begin to form like the face, arms, legs and the sexual organs.

This stage is the developmental stage so it is a crucial period when your baby is prone to developmental damage. Certain substances like some drugs, alcohol may lead to birth defects. Other likely hazards may include nutritional deficiencies, X-rays, radiation therapy and other infections.

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