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An essential emergency checklist for your pet

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If you are a pet owner prepare yourself with some essential emergency things.

If you have pet or you are considering welcoming a new pet into your family, it is necessary to think about proper care of that pet. It is better to find out a good Milwaukee emergency animal clinic beforehand and it is equally important to make an emergency kit and first aid kit for your loved ones. Being a pet owner doubles your responsibility in case of any natural disaster. If you have to evacuate for any emergency, you have to take necessary care of your pets, as they are also your family member. The following guidelines will help you to tackle such kind of situation:

If you have different types of pet ensure to make an identification tag to their collar containing the pet’s name, your name, cell number and your address. Putting your vet’s name and contact no. is also helpful.

A week’s supply of can food or dry food in a waterproof container. Few bottles of water are necessary. Food bowls of stainless steel. A couple of recent photographs of your pet, in case they get lost. A travel bag or crate to transport your pet. Some toys, chew toys with which your pet love to play or pass time.

First aid kit for pet

Prepare a basic first aid kit for your pet as a substitute of veterinary care. It could save your pet’s life until you can get medical attention. Here are few things you can do save your pet in case of milwaukee emergency animal clinic:

Get plenty of bandages, gauges and adhesive tapes to dress wounds and stop bleeding. A muzzle for the animal, to be used if your pet gets aggressive or ferocious due to fear or any other reason. Hydrogen peroxide to clean or disinfect the wounds of your pet. A dropper or syringe to give liquid medication to your pet. If you suspect your pet ingested poison, then activated charcoal or milk of magnesia will be the best. But, if possible you should call your vet or poison control center for advice.

Keep some towel or blanket to wrap or carry the animal. Last but not the least; your pet first aid kit must include your pet’s veterinarian’s contact no. and a local 24x 7 emergency pet clinic’s phone number. If your pet is injured, it may happen that you will not be able to get immediate medical attention. In that case, you should find out a safe and quite place to take primary care.

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