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The mining and construction jobs are among the most difficult jobs in the world as it involves working in challenging condition and at far off, remote places with hardly any access to the day to day luxuries of life. But mining and constructions is a very key cog in the wheel of an economy as they are very crucial for infrastructural projects in the area. The building of mining and construction camps is difficult but also very crucial for the delivery and completion of these infrastructural projects. The resources we require in our daily life are usually located in very remote areas and since it is necessary that workers be near the site of work, man camps need to be erected for their accommodation.

Workers are increasingly calling for the man camps to be more comfortable and safe for them. The man camps are required during both the construction and operational phase of the project and the delivering good quality, cost effective camps is vital for the success of the whole project. Providing building solutions for mining and construction camps is not an easy task as it poses its own unique challenges such as transportation, building materials, accessibility, soil strength, terrain, costs and any other factors which need to be accounted for in providing the best camping facility for the workers on whose health and safety depends the whole project.

Now since the locality of these projects is usually very remote and it’s very difficult to get any material locally the choice boils down to bringing all the material on the site and building the camps or ordering pre-fabricated parts which are then just erected on the site or building it off-site and then transporting it to the site. These three building solutions are the most preferred among all for building mining and construction camps in remote locations.

The conventional building solutions of bringing all the material on site and building camps entails the requirement of many more professional and their housing and also takes longer to build. The potential for delays in constructions are quite high. The building off-site and transporting it to the site is a very nice building solution as the whole structure can be building nearby and be transported in sections to the site and re-erected. It’s a nice solution if there is good connectivity by road to the site.

The third and final building solution is of Pre-engineered buildings, possibly the best among the three and one that is gaining a lot of popularity in such kinds of construction. The pre-engineered building solutions is cost effective, reduces time and is easy to install and operate, in short perfect for building mining and construction camps in remote locations.

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