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Find your lost super and make the most of it !!!

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If you've lost track of your super, you’re perhaps losing your deserving money. Tracing lost super funds in Australia isn’t difficult, and it provides you the opportunity to roll your accounts as one, to lessen fees. 

If you’ve forgotten about a few old super accounts, you’re perhaps paying charges on each account and that is able to lessen your savings, in the end. You might moreover be paying insurance payments for cover you no longer require. This lessens your balance, as well.

Take advantage of your lost super by:

 Tracing your lost super
 Evaluating your accounts

Trace your lost super
 You are able to hunt for your lost super fund online, or in person.

 Super Seeker Australia, the Australian Tax Office super record, is free of charge to explore. Enter your Tax File Number as well as date of birth to decide if you’ve lost it.
 Unclaimed super funds allow you to explore AUSfund, an eligible rollover fund that takes care of lost as well as inactive accounts.
 Contact past companies, and inquire which super fund they remunerated your super into. After that, make contact with those funds to verify your account information. 

Evaluate your accounts
You may want to merge your entire super collectively into one account. Before you act upon it:
 Make sure if there are any charges for leaving prior funds, or joining a new one. Evaluate their possible impact on your super balance
 Evaluate any other benefits, for example insurance cover; you have from your previous funds
 Consider getting superannuation advice to help you evaluate the benefits and costs of funds, and what effect rolling over will have on your balance.

Finding funds to save to super can be difficult. But, the excellent news is your super gets you compound interest, therefore every dollar you save can be important eventually.
How are you able to make the most of your super?

There are a lot of ways to make the most of your super funds. The government moreover wants to help you acquire the most out of it.

 Do make after-tax contributions. If you're entitled you might also get the government co-contribution, a government sum to help you advance your super.
 If you can, then make income sacrifice super contributions. They are able to be a tax-effective method to enhance your funds.
 Offer your TFN, and get a tax-cut. If there is no TFN, you might have to compensate 31.5% additional tax on company super contributions.
Lastly, it is never too early or too late to start superannuation planning. So, take help from expert companies which have the expertise in this field.

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