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Find company financial information with 9W Search

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Do you want to find U.S. publicly traded Company Financial Information ? Are you looking for effective ways that can help you gain instant access to financial data and reports of publicly traded companies? If so, then you should go for an innovative web-based financial search engine that can make it easy for you to get financial information, where you can simply ask questions and get answers. In business analysis, search has become a key factor for finding accurate, reliable and relevant information where quality of data is critical factor and insightful analysis has an exceptional impact on business processes. With the help of quality financial search services, you can get right answer to a financial question delivered to you in seconds, to your choice of device, wherever you are and whenever you need it. You will get the ease and convenience of easily accessible information search.

9W Search is a web based financial search engine 9W Search whichthat provides answers to your business and financial questions about publicly traded companies in the US. It is created by the founders of Edgar Online Sec for enterprises, marketing managers, money managers, sales teams, attorneys, auditors, traders and millions of people who want to know about the companies they work for, companies they invest in, companies they want to do business with, or companies in the news. 9W Search uses a next generation XBRL-based platform to answer any financial question you may ask.

All the financial information about companies is sourced through EDGAR Online from public filings and additional information is sourced from SEC database as well as 9W partners. The details about U.S. Public Company operations can be accessed by devices like mobile phones, tablets and desktops with the help of an extremely easy-to-use interface. You can gain access to the most popular features such as 5 years of Historical Financial Data, saved reports and more. You will find a consolidated view of financial data items and ratios so that you can combine them in a single report which can be exported as PDF documents or spreadsheets and shared via email, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other file-sharing sites. You can easily and quickly access and compare the financial metrics of public companies.

So what are you thinking about? Just browse to 9W Search and find the most innovative financial search engine and get the right answers to financial questions on any device.

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