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Why a free test suit?

by johnfloyed

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A suit is a must have in any man’s wardrobe. It is an extremely versatile clothing item that you can use to a variety of places and occasions. You can dress down a suit with a casual shirt and loafers, or you can kick it up to absolutely formal with a dress shirt, tie and some nice cap toe lace-ups. Suits, as they say, make the man. Therefore it is imperative that a man’s suit fits impeccably. An ill fitting suit is almost worse than having no suit at all. A well-tailored pair of pants and matching jacket is what separates the boys from the men. Just the right fit can be tricky, so buying off the rack can be hit or miss, but better yet, why not get a suit tailored?

If you want a custom suit from a well reputed tailor, you will have the benefit of choosing the fabric as well as different patterns. A seasoned tailor will schedule several fittings before finalizing your suit, giving you the luxury to request changes before finalizing the cut. A great suit is all about the fit. How the jacket drapes over your shoulders, the sleeve’s length in relation to your arms, how its closes when buttoned, and how the lapel rests on your nape. The pants should just break once over your shoes, and the taper of the legs should be well proportioned to the jacket, whether flat-front or pleated. These are all hallmarks of a well-tailored suit, which is synonymous with a well-dressed man.

Hence enter the concept of a free test suit. Some discriminating tailoring companies will have you try out for a limited period a suit with the corresponding measurements you have provided. After trying the test suit out for size, you can then inform the tailoring house of alterations that you would like made. This will allow them to confirm measurements definitively, before making your actual suit. This process removes any hit or miss issues with the fit. Remember, suits are not cheap; in fact a good one can set you back a few hundred dollars, so every effort to get it right is well worth it.

During a test suit phase, you can make specific requests from the type of fabric you desire, the lining, as well as nuances to the cut and style. Do you want a single or double breasted jacket? Do you prefer one single center vent or a double vented jacket? Shall it be two or three buttons? Do you desire peaked lapels? As for the pants, shall it be flat or pleated front? Shall the hem be cuffed? What style of pockets will it have? Do you desire a waist coat? There are a myriad of details to fuss over, and a test suit can allow you to make these decisions more easily since you can see the garment on you. Normally a test suit option is only available for your first purchase, which ofcourse should consummate in you ordering it. There is also no need to have a test suit every time you order a new one since you are supposed to have nailed the fit once you have gone thru the test suit process. Also expect to pay extra.

Look for a test suit option the next time you go see your tailor. It could make all the difference.

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