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The types and functions of a clamp meter

by smesauda01

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Clamp meter is an extremely handy tool which functions as an electrical tester, combing basic digital multimeter with a current sensor. It can measure AC current and voltage, DC voltage, resistance and continuity. Particular models can also measure DC current, capacitance, frequency etc. It is highly accurate and much better than a multimeter, which gives reading in Mille units; a clamp meter gives its reading to the nearest tenth of a unit. It measures current on a live conductor without circuit interruption and also large currents can be measured without switching off the circuit to be tested.

With the advancement of technology digital clamp meters have become more common as they are more accurate than their predecessors which are analog clamp meters. It is not used by common people other than in rare cases and even so analog clamp meters can serve the minimal purpose. it can be used by industrial maintenance technicians, control technicians, electricians who service door to door or even those employed through contract for big projects. It can also be useful in the hands of H VAC technicians as well as service organizations. These accurate and advanced devices are the perfect tools to do a clean job.

Clamp metersare usually used on industrial systems, equipments and controls. It can also be used on Commercial and industrial H VAC. It is handy to technicians while they service existing systems that are malfunctioning, during installation of electrical equipment to perform final circuit tests so as to avoid any accidents. It can also be used during maintenance procedure on electro-mechanical systems. Technicians employ troubleshoot the functioning of a circuit and to pinpoint the source of error which is preventing proper functioning of a machine.

There are many different brands and specifications to choose from while opting for it. Today the digital clamp meters are the one that are commonly used and hence has many different types from which one and pick and choose according to the work requirements. A digital meter may also be of various types used for a variety of function. A few examples of digital meter are the Vibration meter, spectrophotometer, digital multimeter etc.

The better digital meter providers have products, which are high efficiency, premium quality as well as highly accurate that has been tested many times for these properties. Generally the model ranges from picking up currents between 3150 – 1000A. It can also detect an AC current of 40, 400 and 1000A. Its AC voltage reading ranges between 4 to 750 V and DC voltage reads between 4 – 1000V. The mentioned value is a common guideline which can be used to buy the clamp meter by individuals. It gives true – rms ac voltage and current for perfect measurement of non-linear signals. A few good online stores selling good quality clamp meters can also customize the clamp meter according to an individual’s wish. is a leading online shopping portal only for offices, companies and organizations etc. We deals in all type of office equipments like Paper shredders, Power tools, epabx, currency counting machine, Printer, cctv camera, testing instruments etc in all over India.

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