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Pop corn makers

by ePopcorn

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What’s not to like about pop corn maker’s buttered popcorn?

What makes popcorn taste so good? Is it the buttery flavor, mingled with the slight smell of coconut oil? It may be the fat from the butter that our bodies crave, or is it that satisfying crunch? It’s reported that the average American consumes 68 quarts of popcorn a year, meaning 17.3 billon quarts of popping corn are eaten across the U.S. It’s quite clear Americans love their popped corn. 

Over the years, pop corn makers have tweaked their products. Popcorn bags have gotten smaller, some pop corn makers have started using less oil, less butter, and less sugar in an effort to curb American’s insatiable appetite and tendency to overeat on a food that is actually healthy for you. Are the efforts having any effect in helping Americans lose weight? 

Some pop corn makers are asking how they can help 

Many business owners are realizing it’s better to be part of the solution than the problem. They have started asking what they can do to help fight obesity. Are larger popcorn bags making us fat? Some of the changes companies introduced are designed not to keep Americans from eating a food, but perhaps, eating a little less of a good thing. Some manufacturers have reduced the size of their popcorn bags, effectively knocking off several hundred calories from the total a person consumes. Though a products’ manufacturer has not changed the space of the popcorn bags, they have introduced a small, effective change against obesity and weight gain.

Why does it bother Americans to see smaller popcorn bags being made by several pop corn makers or a popcorn machine (that can produce up to 200 servings an hour)? Psychologically shows, the smaller pop corn bag may send a signal to people, unconsciously, that what they love is being taken away. This, in turn, causes them to eat more popcorn. In any case, popcorn production is not going to do the way of the dodo bird. Americans love the coconut oil pop corn makers’ use. Pop corn makers are looking at ways to help Americans and strategically make the paper-coated plastic lining of these popcorn bags a little slimmer when filled with this favorite buttery snack. Though those tweaks may not affect Americans pocketbooks, Americans’ knees, hips, and thighs may thank us later. 

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