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Acid Hemoglobin – The Ultimate Hemoglobinopathies Test Produ

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Advances medical science has the QuickGel Acid Hemoglobin. This is the new and simpler method of characterizing hemoglobinopathies.

There are cases where the hemoglobin molecule has a genetic defect resulting in an abnormal structure of on its globin chains.  This defect is called hamoglobinopathy.  Modern research has developed innovative ways of identifying hemoglobinopathies and the best of these is the QuickGel acid hemoglobin.

Acid Hemoglobin Gel is Above the Rest                 


Prior to the use of this acid hemoglobin test for hemoglobinopathies, many labs used the O-Dianisidne and the O-Toluidine test systems. While these did give results, they still have a low and slightly unfurnished linearity. The QuickGel Acid Hemoglobin uses an acid blue stain to achieve a perfect linearity in the tests done. The use of acid based systems in the test of abnormal globin chain structures in hemoglobin molecules is new and gain an outstanding reception in comparison to the use of Alkaline based test system. Nevertheless, both acid and alkaline based hemoglobinopathies tests give will give the correct results.

Acid Hemoglobin Use and Storage


Speed, accuracy, and efficiency are key elements of any effective lab work. Hence the need to use products and equipment that support such demands; that is exactly what the QuickGel Acid Hemoglobin has to offer. The alkaline based system cannot support several sample tests at a single go per gel, but this offer the advantage of time and speed by being able to handle up to 20 samples.

In addition, this product gives you a cost efficiency advantage. The amounts used per test are minimal meaning you need not have so much QuickGel Acid Hemoglobin packs in store. Touching on storage, the gel’s acid base nature gives is a stable nature meaning it can last longer and will not become dark during storage. To date, the QuickGel Acid Hemoglobin is hence a good product for hemoglobinopathies tests.

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