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Sports Betting tips and Football Picks for the upcoming Seas

by Payneinsider

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Training camp is in full force, preseason games are just days away. The football season seems to be in its infant stages, doesn’t it? Are you looking over season win totals during lunch break? Are you looking to circle your Football Pick winners for Week 1 tomorrow morning on the john? Did “cool guy” who was captain of his high school football team in 94’ tell you how bad “the Redskins are going to suck this year mannnnnn,” during water-cooler talk?

My greatest piece of advice is to tread carefully at this point. Use kid gloves with each wager involving a season win total, or a Week 1 line in the NFL and College Football. Reality is; the football season is no longer in its potty-training phase. If you’re not mindful enough to realize sharp Sports Betting minds have already hammered the best available lines and sucked up most of the value, you’re going end up sinking quicker than that DiCaprio kid.

Now, I didn’t say treat your
Sports Betting account like virgin vajayjay, but be cautious when tapping that…….submit button on your wagers. Ask yourself; “can I get better value a few weeks down the road when the public starts betting these games?” “Am I really willing to lay my hard earned money on a number I’m not getting the best of?” These are questions you should ask yourself before placing EVERY WAGER, but more so on ones that you won’t see the money hit your pocket for a few months. Why tie up money for a lengthy period of time on an investment that will yield a net loss in return? These are things a sharp Sports Handicapper goes to sleep thinking about, it’s ingrained in our brain, it’s part of our DNA.

One particular game every wise guy
Sports Advisor I speak with had circled on their sheet awaiting a line from Vegas was, Utah State at Auburn Week 1 of the College Football season. The Football Pick was on Utah State +28.5 or better. The larger the discrepancy in the line, the bigger the bet we were going to make. This line opened up at Utah State +32! The point to be had here is, this line is now Utah State +22, I wouldn’t advise a bet on Utah State plus the points right now, in fact, we will 100% buy back Auburn -22 and set ourselves up with a monster middle opportunity. This is how a REAL Sports Handicapper operates and conducts business.

This leads me to my next
Sports Betting piece of advice for the upcoming season. There are many of you out there that bet based upon line movement. That’s not always the best way to maneuver, specially, when dealing with the aforementioned win totals and early lines. I can’t speak for every Sports Handicapper out there making their Football Picks, but myself, I have put money on certain positions in which are not TRUE POSITIONS. They’re to set myself up down the road to hedge, scalp, and middle – and thus, make larger profits than just cashing the ticket straight up. So following some of these moves doesn’t necessarily mean it’s actually a Sports Prediction I’m making on a REAL POSITION. So you could be following the move, but not knowing what the wise guys true intentions are, or what we’re going to do with that position down the road.

Football Pick that was a TRUE POSITION I made in the NFL was on the Houston Texans OVER 8 wins. This is one of a few OVER positions that sharps liked. We looked towards a lot of unders for the 2011-2012 season due to the lockout. This is the second NFL Football Pick season win total I have given out for free. The first one you can find here !

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