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Common Questions regarding Cord Blood Stem Cells & its Stora

by jannymart

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A variety of studies have shown that saving stem cells from the cord blood is a great idea as it can help treat a variety of diseases. There are a number of questions that arise in the minds of people regarding the cord blood and stem cell storage. Here we bring to you some common FAQs that can help you understand the study, the benefits and disadvantages of stem cells and storage better.

  • What is Cord Blood?

When a baby is born, the umbilical cord of the baby contains certain young stem cells which have the capability to renew themselves. These cord blood stem cells can be used to treat children as these stem cells can replace the damaged blood cells and strengthen the immune system. This is why the storage of stem cells is growing in popularity.


  • How does the collection of cord blood take place?

Collection of the cord blood happens on the day the baby is born. This does not disrupt the birth plan or harm the baby or the mother. When the delivery happens, the doctor clamps and cuts the umbilical cord and a needle are inserted into it where remaining blood is collected and then sealed in a band with the label containing your family information.


  • Basic things to keep in mind about Cord Blood storage.
  • Parents should ask and understand all the options for the cord blood storage along with its need, benefits and disadvantages.
  • Parents should pick the bank that meets all national as well as local regulations and standards.
  • While choosing a bank, make sure that the accreditation is achieved by the bank.
  • A bank that uses specialized couriers to transport and ship the blood in case required would always prove to be more beneficial in case a need arises.


  • Basics to know in case you wish to donate the cord blood.
  • Donation of the cord blood stem cells in public banks is also a very wise decision because then it can actually come to use for those who have the need.
  • More often than not in case the donor requires the blood cells back for his own treatments they usually get it back.
  • The collection of cord blood is just enough for a transplant in a large child or a small adult. It usually does not help in treatments of the full grown adults.


  • Questions to ask the family bank about storage of the stem cells

Read the contract carefully and most of the questions would be answered there and then.

  • What type of records would be made available after the storage?
  • Is the storage fee fixed or can it vary?
  • Can the storage facilities be changed by the bank?
  • What accreditations and certifications does the facility carry?
  • Will the bank use their storage facility or will the storage be provided by another lab?
  • For how long can the stored cord blood prove useful for the family?

Cord blood stem cells can be stored indefinitely. The collection might be small and it might not be as useful for the child once he grows into an adult but then again this can help others in the family in case a transplant is required and the cord blood matches the patient. Also the cord blood can be used for regenerative medicine therapy.


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