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Tips for Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink Faucet

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You may have decided on what kind of countertops and backsplash you want in your kitchen. You might even know if your kitchen cupboards and drawers will be of wood or not. But, one thing that you definitely must deliberate over is the kind of kitchen sink faucet you want. Depending on the rest of the décor in the kitchen, the kind you choose might fit in perfectly or stand out like a sore thumb.

Fortunately, kitchen sink faucets come in a variety of styles these days. You can find the perfect one for your décor easily. However, before embarking on faucet shopping, you might want to decide on the sink first. Depending on the number of holes- or the lack thereof- in the sink, you will be able to decide which faucet is most appropriate for your kitchen. You might require anywhere from one to five holes.

You may also have to decide if you want a deck plate or a non-deck plate mount for your faucets. Non-deck plates are generally more customizable than deck plate mounts. Or you could do away with deck plates entirely and wall-mount your faucet.

Other things to keep in mind include the kind of handle you want.

Here are the major kinds of kitchen sink faucets available in the market today:

1. Pull-Out Style: This goes well with almost every kind of sink and kitchen style. Originally designed for commercial-style and restaurant kitchens, thanks to comfort of use, this has made its way into homes as well. This enables you to rinse and wash with ease and adjust the distance.

2. Single-Handle/Single Spout: You could go for a single spout, single handle option. This doesn’t generally allow for much temperature control. And is the most basic option there is. This requires just one slot on your sink.

3. Double Handle/Single Spout: This requires three slots in your sink. The double handle allows for good temperature control.

4. Double Handle/Double Spout: This includes two separate spouts- one for hot water, and one for cold. You probably wouldn’t have to worry much about temperature control.

These are the basic styles popular in the market. Since kitchen sink faucets have to fit in with the rest of the decor, do keep in mind the finish of the sink and faucet. It could be a dull matte finish, a shiny ultra-modern one or a vintage look.

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