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Elegant bathroom

by anonymous

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There is one particular room in the house that should be kept looking and smelling nice at all times. It is the bathrooms. Anytime you have a visitor you will surely have another person seeing your bathroom. When you decide on a decoration for your bathroom it is truly an expression of your own personal style. Everyone will see what your tastes are like and how well you know how to decorate a space. Do you have a favorite color that you have always loved? Why not paint the walls that color and create the design around it? The color of the ocean gives many people a calm and relaxed feeling. If you were to paint the walls that color, you would open up the decoration ideas to many different feels. You could do a beach or ocean scene and almost any home decoration store sells items that will fit right in to the design. The shower curtain that you purchase can be a fun design such as sea urchins and colorful fish in different sizes and shapes. You could take it to a more sophisticated look by selecting a shower curtain that has a gorgeous beach scene with a glittering, rolling ocean. Shower curtains these days are made very realistic if you look for them. Next to the shower curtain, the storage that you have available in your bathroom is the most important. Finding room for all of your bathroom items is important and there is a very wide selection of storage bins and shelving units that are for sale. You will surely find one the fits right into your design. The above the toilet storage bins are great for saving some space. These storage bins usually have long sides or legs that fit down each side of your toilet and the actual storage section will fit nicely on the wall just above the toilet. You can use the extra storage space to keep you shampoos and conditioners and extra bathroom supplies for your guests. Another great idea comes in the placement of the toilet paper roll holder. If you do not have a wall that is in an easily reachable location it can be challenging to put the toilet paper where people will not have to reach very far. You can get a freestanding toilet paper holder in many different colors and sizes for a really decent price. Adding some hand towels that fit your design can be the final thing to make the bathroom complete. If you went for the ocean, beach scene in your bathroom, why not find some hand towels with brightly colored fish on them. Or for the more sophisticated ocean bathroom you can find hand towels that have sea shells or maybe just some that are a solid color that matches your design. Making changes to your bathroom can be done fairly easily. When you do decide to make a change, do not discard your old items. Keep them for the next time you are in a mood for a change. You will never know when your design mood will change and you will need those items again. That is the great thing about bathrooms; you can create your design fairly easily and inexpensively. Annie Deakin is a journalist, fashion and furniture expert and editor at who is currently interested in bookcase, headboards and table linens.

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