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Some Simple Guidelines to make your Data Secure

by anonymous

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Data security should be a point to concern as it can make you suffer big losses. It is not much hard to imagine that is why data breach can be so hazardous because all your data from costumers’ personal to financial records are saved digitally these days. According to the Verizon report of 2008, more than 285 million records were compromised. Even in the recent year, there have been only eight months, and there have been more than 212 incidents of data breach which have exposed more than 1.2 million records. People who fond of securing their data virtually should follow the given security guidelines.

The first thing you should secure your data is to use security software password protect files and set up a strong password. According to the data security experts, a password should be a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numbers and symbols so that it will be quite difficult to guess. You should avoid reverse spelled common words, important dates or names that are linked to you as they get easier to guess. Another basic way to strengthen the password is not to use the words that are situated close together on the keyboard. Changing the password after at most every three months is a good idea to make your data secure.

The other known principle of data security is to use antivirus programs. The majority of the users uses antivirus programs but do not update it. The hackers are evolving new and improve ways of breaking the security barriers and digging out the data. Just keeping the antivirus in the computer would not help the cause unless and until you regularly update it. Antivirus software is a necessity for your data protection as data security experts call it the last line defense.

The newest source of data leakage is smartphones and this source is contributing more and more in leaking data day by day. The capability of processing the data similar to the computer makes smartphone a handy storage place. But, you must have heard about the robbery or getting the phone misplaced every now and then, that imposes a big threat to data saved in the cellular phone. The user ought to make his or her smartphone secure so that it does not spill the sensitive data out even if get lost or stolen.

The email service is like a blessing, it is free of any cost and it is quite convenient. However, it also contributes big in leaking data. Surveys have suggested that a large number of employees have been guilty of sending an email that had the confidential information attached to it to a wrong email address. And a fair number of employees have claimed that they have received an email from an alien email address that contained unencrypted files with private information. The companies should also look to improve the security measures of this source of data leakage.

Asset is a precious asset for the companies as well as the individuals. The fact is that, no piece of data is useless; a small piece of information which you do not give much importance can harm you big. That is why; securing your data can help you avoid big losses that can haunt you in different shapes.


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