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Voip Systems - Changing The Way The World Communicates

by claritytel

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VoIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol. It is a way of transmitting voice and video data over the Internet.


Ever since the beginning of the internet, the technology slowly gained control over every aspect of our lives. It has single handedly changed the way we look at our existence on the planet. And the world of communication has been transformed most of all, the latest one of the changes being VoIP.


Voice over Internet protocol services provide the users with an active Internet connection to make calls without the need of any phone carrier services. There are many services out there which are offering free third party solutions to make free voice and video calls over the Internet such as Google hangout and Skype. One can literally completely bypass the need for making any use of the carrier dependent conventional way of telephony. But to fulfill the needs of a corporate scale of communication, you need a standard VoIP package from a trusted solutions provider.


VoIP systems can be used on a variety of devices such as smartphones and laptops and personal computers and basically on almost all other devices which can access the Internet. There are ATA adapters available in the market which convert the mechanical signals from a normal telephone receiver to digital signals and transmit it to the computers or laptops it is connected to. It offers plug and play functionality to users who want to connect a normal analogue phone receiver to the computer to make phone calls over the interconnection.


A VoIP system uses methods which convert mechanical input from the recipient and converts them to digital signals which travel as data packets to the other end where they are again converted into mechanical form of voice.


As we know data travels in the form of small digital packets that take time as they physically travel from one place to another. And as our routers are programmed to receive data on a first come first serve basis, sometimes it becomes very difficult to have a clutter free conversion over the Internet connection if the bandwidth is already engaged in heavy traffic.


Often users complain about the lags and jitters in the VoIP services. It can become quite a messy conversion as newbies may not understand what’s going on when the person they are talking to is not quickly responding back and they again start talking as soon as they hear the voice from the other end. So many companies have started providing specialized VoIP systems and services like which offer completely hassle free connection. They have systems especially in place for the Voice over Internet Protocol and charge a premium for that.


The world is definitely switching to this new trend and why not? It has made the earth an even smaller place where no one is out of reach and we can talk to and see everyone we wish to at the command of our fingertips.


About The Author


Samantha Miller is a technology trainer and a consultant by profession. She has been in this industry for about 12 years now and she specializes in the VoIP business phone system. She is also a tech editor and loves to write on topics related to networking, operating systems and other such subjects.

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