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Pros of Adopting Cross-Platform Mobile App Development

by danieljthomson

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During the past 5 years, the Smartphone industry has evolved into a major force in technology. This has introduced many operating systems and in turn has increased the demand for apps that suits all mobile devices. This info piece will guide you through the cross-platform development world.

Cross-platform mobile app development is the trend among every developer. Android and iOS plays an important role in mobile OS. Several applications are developed for these platforms. Developers are willing to develop apps for both the platforms and they can receive many advantages as well as they are facing some challenges while developing for both the platforms. Cross-platform development makes the development process easier, improves the speed as well as it lessens the development cost, because these methods help the developers to build the application easier and quicker.

The applications that are developed for iOS and Android let the developers to reuse the code for some other applications. Hence, it speeds up the development process. Cross-platform app development frameworks are easy to use and it reduces the cost as well as it saves the development time. The apps that are developed using standard scripting languages like HTML, JS and CSS eases the transition of the apps from internet to mobile devices.

Cloud computing is necessary for every organization to maintain the information on the remote server. It influences in many portions of the company's activities and it allows them to take control over the functionality, technology scalability and affordability. Moreover, Cloud-platform frameworks are easily integrated with cloud services and applications. It makes the application more useful.

The suggestion for having cross-platform mobile development is excellent. There is no need to understand the difference and similarities between multiple mobile devices or platforms for developing mobile applications. Moreover, it does not require learning multiple programming languages such as Java, Objective-C, etc. It requires only HTML, JavaScript and CSS for app development. There is no necessary to learn about frameworks or any specific APIs for development. It lets the developers to save lots of time by reusing the code again. Maintenance of single code base is easy instead of maintaining several individual codes. Like this, several advantages are available with cross-platform mobile development.

However, some issues are related to cross-platform frameworks. There is the possibility of new releases and updates available for each platform. Apple, Google and Microsoft are releasing some updates and patches for their respective operating systems. Another major problem with cross-platform is that rendering to multiple operating systems takes time because the code has to be compiled for every individual OS. Sencha Touch, JQuery Mobile, PhoneGap, Appcelerator Titanium, etc are some of the popular cross-platform framework available in the market. PhoneGap supports Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Symbian, mobile web, etc. In addition, several free plug-in are available to make the development easier.

Appcelerator Titanium allows the developers to build native apps using JavaScript and using APIs available in Titanium. However, developers have to learn about Titanium's API to use them on development. As always developing an application is not a trouble free process. Each app has exclusive requirements and use of various platforms. Based on the requirement the applications are developed by the developers. However, cross platform is the rising trend in the market. Majority are willing to develop the cross platform applications in order to enhance the business in an effective way.

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