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Varieties of seeds available in the seed banks

by dormatwalls

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Texas Ready is the sellers of seed bank
renowned in the world. They are banks for the heirloom seed and open
pollinated varieties containing over different heirlooms assorted for
home-grown nutritious and tasty vegetables, fruits, herbs and grains
production. The name refers to the state where these kinds of seeds are
produced which offers all American Citizen the materials and knowledge
required to impose upon a self dependent lifestyle. However, it is
offered for Northern Bank (zones 3-6) and for Southern Bank (zones
7-12). It hardly matters in where one lives, whether in urban or rural
or sub urban area but can produce one’s own vegetation with the help of
these seeds. These seeds are being modeled in Texas integrity,
capitalism, freedom, independence, self sufficiency, preparedness and
civic responsibility. It values the personal lives, business practices
and the product line.

The products are Liberty Seed Banks which are configured regionally
and are available in five sizes. It is being created for those who wish
to supplement their diet with home grown production, lower the annual
budget of expense, one who believes in self sustainability, to avoid
consumption of market product which is hormone-laced or chemical
treated or genetically modified, to make sure that there is sufficient
food being stored in house to meet up food shortages in case of
immediate or calamitous or economical requirement, to experience the
contentment of self production of food items, in order to teach the
children the essence of plant biology and basic life skills such as
responsibility or persistence or delayed gratification or work ethics
and to ensure a unit of exchange in case of monetary collapse or
currency devaluation. The product is being designed in such a way that
allows one the liberty to offer oneself and the family without having
any assistance or interference from the government or any outsiders.
That is why the product is being named as the Liberty Heirloom Seed Banks.

If one orders these kinds of seeds one need to specify whether they
want to buy the Northern Bank or Southern Bank. Each bank contains 80
varieties of non-GMO seed, non-hybrid, and open pollinated heirloom
seed banks. The varieties are carrots, corns, tomatoes, onions, green
beans, peas, broccoli, mustard, lettuce, turnips, asparagus, cucumbers,
melons, peppers, kale, beans, eggplant, beet, spinach, cabbage, squash,
celery and numerous other herbs. Each bank contains same mixture of
varieties indifferent in sizes but only the quantity of seed is
variable. The climatic and seasonal factors compel to change the
contents regularly. One can be assured enough to receive a well-
balanced, nutritious mix fresh seed that allows eating well and enables
proper utilization of the entire production year. All the banks are
packaged in re-sealable steel US Army ammo boxes that are designed in
such a way to prevent the seeds from air, vermin and water. Some other
measures for packaging can be given a chance but when family
consumption is concerned none can compromise hygiene and purity. There
are several varieties of boxes irrespective of sizes namely piggy bank,
safe, lock box and vault.

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