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Bandit signs and the purpose they serve

by diavenjhon

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Lo behold! There is a bandit in the street and with a gun it will greet – might sound like some kind of a fictional movie of gangsters and the songs that the movie can compose for the masses. But some parts of the lyrics are true to an extent.

And then you see those twisted and mind confusing boggling and irritating signs on the street that you can call as Bandit Signs. That is why this song came to mind! Well, take a casual walk down the street and with a very straight intention – of observing the bandit signs the street is holding up and each advertising some specific merchandise.

Don’t you think that you never observed them and you are marveled to actually see so many of them! Well, the truth is simple. Not many bandit signs are legal or permitted to be put up in the public space or belongings like lampposts or a tree round the corner or the walls of a public playground where you get maximum flat surface area.

Now there are some good natured sign posts that tell you in which direction you should follow to a particular destination but then they should not be used as a place to hang your bandit signs because every where you see, you will find them and then what appears is a cluttered and a messy city staring back at you in the face telling how many signs are hanging off it giving it a very upset look.

It really is very easy to just walk past the bandit signs because they are everywhere – near telephone poles or dirty neighborhoods and so they make it a point that though they are visible to your eye you might actually not be able to see them and once you are consciously aware of some of the bandit sign that proved useful to you in your efforts to achieve something you will be shocked to know how many bandit signs the city is actually having.

It has been considered to be a nerve of irritation for most of the people however, bandit signs are the easiest and the best way of marketing with hitting in the eye kind of approach so much that an unexpected passerby will be surprised to see himself staring at a sign that probably meant nothing to him in a long time. Know what all things a bandit sign does – Click here!


Though Bandit signs are amazing tools of marketing, somewhere in the corner of the mind you know you don’t like to see those signs jumping at you. While some signs have good cause messages, others are mere marketing tools and some are creative artist’s enclave of imagination.

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