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Tips for Avoiding San Diego Mechanic Rip-Offs

by graciajessup

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The worst sound in the world is always that first rattle in your car. With over one million people living in San Diego City, there's always someone needing a car repair every day of the week. Unfortunately,  not all these people actually get the service they deserve. There are a lot of repair shops that are less than reliable, and if you're not careful you might easily become prey.  


Good thing is there are many tips and tricks to help you from getting ripped off by an unreliable San Diego mechanic. With a few simple reminders, you can get rid of that terrible broken car rattle without the hassle of overpricing, poor workmanship, and bad customer service.


Do research on your mechanics.


Asking around lets you know which mechanics to bring your car to and which to avoid. Don't just choose randomly based on which shop is closest or which advertises better because these are no indication of good service and workmanship. The best means to find a reliable repair center is to ask recommendations from your trusted friends; an experienced mechanic can get to the bottom of your car's problem and solve it.


Know how your car works.


Not everyone can be car experts, but any driver should have at least a basic understanding of how the engine, lights, and tires work. Otherwise, you run the risk of car breakdown in the middle of nowhere with no idea what went wrong in the first place. You'll also be easily convinced by a mechanic to have costly repairs that you car don't actually need.


Ask what needs to be done and get it in writing.


When having your car checked in a San Diego auto repair shop, know the problems, what needs to be done, how long it would take, and how much it would cost. If everything seems reasonable, then get it in writing so that you are assured that all the necessary repairs, as mentioned, will be done—no more and no less. This way, there is no confusion and misunderstanding.


Car repairs are not to be taken lightly; otherwise you might come in with a great car and come out with a lemon. For more tips, go to

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