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Tips For Creating A Bespoke Handmade Kitchens

by kalpeshkumar

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If you have just moved house and is justifiably proud of your new home, it is time you take a look at the Bespoke Handmade Kitchens. Ordering a kitchen, made to order with your own needs taken care of is a dream come true indeed. You do not really have to wait all your life for this. Just contact the professional kitchen planner in your area and get started.

This is what you need to check in order to get a beautiful bespoke kitchen that is made by hand.

  • Measure your kitchen area and keep the measurements ready.
  • Create a rough design of your dream kitchen which will be improved according to the practicality involved by your planner.
  • Do not opt for store bought cabinets and storage areas. Ask the planner to create them from scratch in accordance with your requirement.
  • The floor tiles should match your home floors, yet be easily washable.
  • All the hardware, including handles, knobs, and switches should be in matching colors or metal and reflect your personality while helping you to conserve energy and water.
  • The door need not be of heavy wood, a fiber based door or light plastic in wood color will do equally well. After all, you are not going to lock yourself in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Wide windows with frosted or clear glass looks pretty and you can hide from the eyes of your prying neighbors by adding a pretty floral curtain in washable material. Choosing a slim blind is a good idea as well. This will add the illusion of space to your kitchen, especially if you cannot afford to have a cavernous hall that doubles up as the kitchen.
  • Adding a couple of chairs and a small folding table in one corner will help you to relax and entertain your close friends in the room. It will also be an ideal place for ‘me’ time as you ponder on what to cook while you sip on a cup of tea.
  • You are free to choose the color and decorations after you get the basics in place. Go for a pastel color or a pale shade if you want your kitchen to appear bigger. However, feel free to select a bright color in order to keep the mood upbeat in the kitchen. Adding a cute graffiti to your kitchen walls will also be fun and working in such an environment will help you to excel in your cooking too.
  • Beads on your Kitchen Storage and ornate cornices will also help to beautify your kitchen. This is extremely desirable if you want it to remain a strictly ‘girls’ only’ domain.

So, go all out and plan ahead. Remember that your kitchen is the place where you would be spending a lot of time and keeping it beautiful as well as comfortable will help you to enjoy your work even more.

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